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Our strategy consulting projects are based on research based on qualitative and qualitative data. sourced directly from the company or through secondary research data available in multiple sources. The data collected from these sources then are evaluated for their relevancy to the company. When developing a workable business solution we focus maximizing the benefit of your plan by evaluating:

  • value to you customers

  • value to your bottom line

  • value to your employee and organization

We specialize in the following services: 

  • Process and Organization Effectiveness

    • Supply Chain​ and manufacturing process 

    • Finance and Accounting

    • B2B and D2C Commerce 

    • Resource Reorganization and Realignment

  • Primary Research

    • Market entry analysis (US, Asia, Latin America)

    • Product and service effectiveness  ​

    • Executive and Board Member Search

  • Business Case Analysis and Financial Planning

    • Cost/Benefit Analysis

    • Enterprise Cost Reduction

    • Customer and Channel Profitability

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